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11-10-2011, 08:38 AM
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Ok, now I'll have a look at the defense. It's harder that it seems, there are many puck moving guys but we could use some Sbisa clones.

Streit, Sbisa and Diaz are obviously locks. Now the other guys available:

Roman Josi: I don't know how the injuries are affecting him, but he's hard to pass on.

Yannick Weber: Wasn't a big fan, but he has proven me wrong. Is having a pretty good season start. The hardest part could be to find him the right partner.

Patrick Von Gunten: I obviously haven't seen him this season, but no reason to doubt he's no longer a smart player with a good first pass, though that's not exactly what we are missing.

Félicien Du Bois: Another smart player with a good first pass, but after seeing him play a lot of WC games, I feel like he's a bit limited when playing against top teams.

Julien Vauclair: With his strong stride when carrying the puck, he can be a difference maker in games against lower teams, but his style isn't as efficient against better opposition. The poor season he's having isn't helping either.

Goran Bezina: Never liked him, weak skater and poor at handling the puck.

Steve Hirschi: Good player to have, can do pretty much everything efficiently, though none of his skills is top notch.

Severin Blindenbacher: Is no longer the defensive liability he was early in his career, and can still provide some offense. Can provide a right hand shot on the power play.

Beat Gerber: Good defensive guy, though he doesn't have the skating and first pass most of the other defs have.

Matthias Seger: Has been a great national team player, but I'm afraid he's best years are behind him and he can't provide anything more than what newer guys bring.

I've never been a big fan of playing my two best defensemen together, but in this case Streit and Sbisa are too much of a good fit. Then Diaz should obviously play on the 2nd pair, and Weber is just doing too well to stay off the team, but I can't see them playing together. The other guys I'm considering are Josi, Blindenbacher, Hirschi and Von Gunten (In my opinion, Bezina, Vauclair, Seger and Du Bois are just not as good. Regarding Gerber, I simply prefer defensmen with some puck skills). I think Josi doesn't have the experience needed to be paired with Weber, while Blindenbacher shouldn't be played in a defensive role. Out of Von Gunten and Hirschi, I think the latter's experience playing with Nummelin makes him the right guy for that job. For the last spot, I like Blindenbacher to play with Diaz, and Josi for the 7th spot, though it's very hard to let Von Gunten out:


My goalie would be Hiller and Gerber of course, and the number three spot would be a coin toss between Stephan and Genoni, which Stephan would win.

Ok, now you can start flaming my choices

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