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10-30-2003, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
Well, I don't see much way to make the Habs a physically intimidating club. Those kind of dramatic changes take place in the offseason. If it was up to me, the team would have picked up Ville Nieminen in the offseason as well as pursuing a gritty third liner along the lines of a Jamal Mayers, but with a bit more size.

The lineup I posted has the size and strength to compete. There's three centers that would not be physically dominated. I think you may underrate the feisty play that Higgins and Plekanec bring, as well as the player like Gelinas/Mayers I'm looking for to fulfill the second line slot. Hossa is a big body that will hit.
True, but it's all speculation at this point, on what Plekanec and Higgins can bring to the NHL.

I don't care for Gelinas, and never have. He's another player who has problems finding the net, and the defensive zone. When he wants to, he can be an asset, but those days are long gone IMO.

Regarding Juneau versus Sundstrom. I'm a firm believer in Sundstrom's game. Stick him with two bigger bodies with some offensive capabilities, and he'll be effective as he was in SJ. Right now he's been miscast into various roles that simply don't fit him, and it's becoming glaringly obvious.

Juneau, on the other hand, I feel is on his last legs. Despite the praise he receives on these boards, he's terrible offensively and often an observer defensively. He can't compete with the bigger bodies in the league, and he's too slow to play the wing. Sundstrom is the more valuable asset in my mind.
I like neither of them. It's like going to to the movies, and deciding which movie stinks the least, when making a ticket purchase. However, Sundstrom is invisible 99% of the time, while Juneau is hovering around a 97% invisibility rate.

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