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Originally Posted by hyster110 View Post
you logic is flawed with that last part of your statement
the Show is a totally different story than the CHL, CIS, NCAA, heck even the AHL from what I understand...

Alot of the teams in Junior B, A have independant contracts or sponsors such as Sherwood, and CCM
but from what I know of, their equipment is pretty much off the retail shelves (outside of team colors, stiched numbers/names) including sticks.

Same goes with CIS from what I've heard as well

CHL I think has to use "preferd vendor partner" equipment such as CCM, RBK

From what I understand from my neighbor, AHL also limits its players to use prefered vendors and predominately uses RBK/CCM for things like helmets, pant covers, and ... I think gloves... but there were some stipulations as to what partner/vendors are allowed according to him
That being said, the RBK sticks used in the AHL are pro-stock

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