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11-10-2011, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
Well the author has a point to an extent (since we lost) and I have criticized Lavy for not exactly being the most adaptable and cerebral coaches as we saw last year in the playoffs (Boston) and some this year with the personnel decisions. The thing is that he decided to address the situation in the manner he did even though Boudreau was the progenitor and I'll give him some props but yeah next two games in Dec I'd like to see him try and continue to think out of the box and devise a scheme that actually exposes Tampa and where we wind up winning and having more shots and quality chances.

The "I won't play if you won't play" was more of a statement than a tactic IMO although I do agree that Lavy will need to be a bit more creative..we shall see if he has it in him but at least he's thinking...
I didn't get to see the game, just some highlights. I get the point, and I like making it, but in the end it didn't work.

Perhaps the way to really do it is to just bring the puck up ice and flip it into the air to their D (so as to avoid icing) and then have the Flyers back up in their zone the same way and wait for them to come up ice. Beat the trap with a trap.

On the other hand, Terry Murray's Flyers spent a lot time working on beating the trap by a lot of short passes D to D. to go around the lead forechecker, whose role was to direct play to one side or the other.

What it all means is simple: there's never a dull, drama-free day in Flyer land....

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