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11-10-2011, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
It goes beyond the incident in 2002 with Paterno.

In the late 90s Sandusky was accused iirc two times and brought in for questioning by police. In one case basically admitting he molested kids. One investigation was conducted by campus police and State College police. That's why Sandusky lost his job and was "barred from campus in 99.

There is no way in hell Paterno didn't know wha was going on in those cases considering his status at the school and relationship with Sandusky. With the power Paterno had there is no way Sandusky is forced into retirement without Paterno signing off on it and knowing he reasons why.

In light of that it makes what happened in 2002 even more disgusting (if that's possible). Paterno knows what Sandusky is in 2002 and does nothing but the bare minimum. His is looking to still protect his buddy nd not the kids he is ******. He is a *******.

The funny thing is some in the sporting world are talking about his legacy and reputation being soiled. They are missing the fact that we are now learning what the true legacy should be. He was never the paragon of virtu he was believed to be. it was all ********.

**** Paterno
i agree. i hope, and expect, to see more heads roll. anyone connected to this should be arrested, fired, and/or disgraced in whatever combination may be legally appropriate.

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