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11-10-2011, 12:00 PM
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I agree with most of what you said particularly about Gionta. The man seems to forget he has linemates and takes a tremendous number of shots that have so little chance of getting past the goalie and ultimately kills a rush or pressure. (I am all for throwing the puck at that net with a weak shot but lots of traffic - but not a 35 foot shot and no screen).

The part I disagree with is Gomez. I am not blinded by his salary or cap hit. The man is simply not a good hockey player right now or last season. He makes dumb hockey plays, takes bad penalties, makes his linemates worse and generally makes poor decisions. He certainly is not worth the money - but my issue is that he brings down the team with his play.

I most interested in reading your analysis of the JM. I think that your opening paragraph touches upon the real issue with this team. The coach is the right fit for the players we have. We have small, fast skilled forwards that need a more uptempo game. In other words, this team needs to play a more aggressive style to be successful. He plays a defensive, rope-a-dope, wait for the other team to make a mistake style. I get infuriated by things like Darche on the PP, the constant "messages" he sends to younger players and allowing vets to get a pass - but ultimately those are small issues. The larger issue that this coach and team don't fit and that IMHO he mismanages younger players.

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