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11-10-2011, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
I found the trap / response to be embarrassing on both sides of the ice. Like drownedsailors said, this isn't a new concept, so you adjust to beat it. It didn't help that the Flyers are generally not good passers, beyond Giroux/Jagr (and Giroux was not stellar last night!). I know this is a blanket statement, but they genuinely look weak in short tape-to-tape passes, which is the first strength to breaking a trap. Add to that their poor faceoff showings even when they were winning faceoffs last night, they frequently gave the puck right up to the Lightning and the team looked incapable of mounting sustained pressure and puck possession ... well, beyond doing lazy circles in their own zone, that is.
I pretty much agree and yes our breakout for most of the year especially with Pronger out has looked like a pizza faced teen. Lavy needs to be careful and not double down on what the Flyers did last night or he's going to look very unprofessional. They worked in practice on controlling the puck better but doing so shouldn't mean just standing around either. As puck possessor you are pretty much expected to initiate the play moreso than the defending team so I would say the onus is more on the Flyers despite what I feel is an unofficial illegal defensive scheme TB is employing. If the league doesn't address it..Flyers can't just resort to protest like they did without looking bad. Next game(s) like I said....Lavy better devise an actual strategy to breakout better. It will def be interesting to see how this plays out..especially on 24/7.

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