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11-10-2011, 12:59 PM
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At the end of the day, you need to look at the point of hockey. It's a fast paced game requiring a tremendous amount of multiple skills! The trap kills that. You might as well watch golf.

The game was equally as boring when the puck just went from zone to zone without any scoring chances. It was essentially just turnovers then. I praise the Flyers for making a stand. Why waste the effort for the exact same boring result that cheapens the game? The last thing we need is a repeat of Devils dead-puck era hockey.

Flyers exploited an opportunity. On the road, in a fairly weak hockey market, they exposed a team that is playing dead puck hockey. If more teams do this, Tampa is likely to lose some fanbase.

It doesn't matter if you win games if the game is too boring for fans to care. It's much like the cap debate. It doesn't matter how much cap space you have if you have no money coming in to actually pay the bills.

Yes, the goal is to win games, but that's part of the entertainment value. Fans pay to be entertained. That's what the market is, entertainment.

Here's an idea, what if both teams decide they want to play without goalies? Sure, the game would be tremendously high scoring, but there wouldn't really be much excitement would there? Post lock-out, there were immense changes to the game to quicken it up and make it more exciting...that's hockey's niche. I have to imagine the NHL brass will continue that trend and find a way to prevent teams from acting as Tampa did.

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