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11-10-2011, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Humpty Dumpty View Post
Well in general athletes come back from this surgery rehabilitated. You don't miss signficant time and then return at 60-80%. There are exceptions. And all surgery/medicine is evaluated on a case-by-case or person-by-person basis. Markov may not come rehabilitate to 100%. But odds are his knee will be at 100%.

Now, given his track record, he is likely to get hurt at some point in a full-season. But it's not likely that it will be related to this. He's gone through surgery and extended re-hab. They have exercised caution along the way and prolonged the re-hab where he's missed his re-hab milestones. When Markov comes back his knee will be fully re-hab.

He might not be fit. He might get injured somewhere else. But his knee will be ok. Dude is a millionaire and does not need to risk anything.
Just to be clear the post wasn't directed at you it was an in general post using your info you had posted up. His knee will be re habed yes but it will never again be 100% and will suffer the same sort of injury much easier the next time around as was evident by his back to back knee injuries.

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