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There are only 2 types of shafts, shafts that are tapered (also called "low kick" shafts) and shafts that are not tapered (also called "standard" or sometimes "mid kick" shafts, although honestly the actual kick points can be all over the place with both types of shafts). For a tapered blade you want a tapered shaft, any tapered shaft should do. However, the tenons on Bauer tapered blades (the tenon is the part that goes into the shaft) DO tend to run a touch wider than the tenons/opening from some other companies, best to bring your blade into the shop, any good LHS will install it for you on the spot, and if it doesn't fit I'm sure they'll let you try a different shaft. Or you can always lightly file down the tenon or shaft, the odd time I've had a tenon not fit in a shaft it only required some very light filing that didn't compromise the structural integrity.

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