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Originally Posted by Kessel View Post
I use the tip(last few inches) of my blade for stickhandling and shooting..I am not a wiz on the subject though but I would assume it depends on the curve you use as to where you want the puck to be on your stick..I like a decent curve like the sakic blades.. right now I use a P88 Vapor x20
I'm assuming your shot is a bit of a flutterball? Unless you're using a serious toe hook then shooting from the toe will result in less puck contact time with the blade, and less spin on the puck in general. When I was younger I used to shoot more from the toe (was easier to raise it that way when I was little), but once I learned to shoot from the mid-blade my shot improved tremendously (or even from the mid-heel area when using heel curve). When dragging the puck in to set up a snap shot I'll use the mid-toe, but when powering through the shot the puck should be mid-blade, you just get a lot more power and spin this way.

As for the original question, agreed with what the other posters said, just focus on softly cradling/cupping the puck instead of smacking it, with practice this will become natural.

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