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11-10-2011, 05:11 PM
not your boyfriend!
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ok.. my grandfather was captured by German forces back in europe in WWII...he was in the mixed group of captives of several nationalities...damn he was lucky ...he would say he and his friend, both 17, were sick at the time so the German soldiers mockingly ordered them to stay behind in the base...peeling potatoes and stuff...while others were sent out to D-Day beach fortifications to fight for Axis...only to be killed the next day by my grandpa survived and was then imprisoned in UK for several months...he was to survive to tell the story and later to be father of my mother

so..when your wife tells you to peel potato...just do it you won't regret it for me, I was never in the army except maybe on my xbox(cod2, brothers in arms, cod:world of war, cod:4, cod:mw2,..,and the best Wolfenstein: enemy territory on PC...)

...and am against all wars...

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