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11-10-2011, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Skill does no good when you can't harness it. That's the whole reason I never wanted us to get him in the first place and was so adamant at the time we would hate this trade. He has the skill, but he rarely displays it.

But skill doesn't just disappear like that in one year. A year ago he was still showing his usual 1-2 flashes a week of what he could do. That didn't magically disappear at his age, it's just not coming out anymore. Why? Coaching? Perhaps? Penner being Penner? Maybe. Linemates? Unlikely. Confidence? Likely a part of it.

Remember this goal? It was just 10 months ago.

Nice hands huh? Those haven't disappeared, they're still there.

The finish wasn't good, but the drive and skating were pretty damn good for a big guy. That's 18 months ago. That didn't just disappear either.

And I like this Penner goal. Nice wheels, nice hands

That's all still there. Those are all from within the last 18 months and at the age of 29, he isn't getting to old to show it. It's up to Penner, his linemates and the coaching staff to make it come to the forefront again.
We're essentially arguing the same thing at this point. He hasn't shown any of that skill this season. Not one bit. It seems that in Penner's case, at least so far, that skill has just up and disappeared. It is frustrating knowing what he can do and then seeing him play so poorly for us. Maybe it is a lack of confidence, but man, he looks bad.

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