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11-10-2011, 06:00 PM
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Pattern for snap shots?


Which Bauer curve is considered the best for snap shots?

I've played for about 11 years now and have started to play with Bauer gear this year when my team is sponsored by them.

I've played with the reebok curve 19 and the Bauer p92 before, but Now when I'm older (16) and have a more specific role on the team and style of playing the game I would like to know what curve is, as I said, best for snappers.

This season I've tried the p88. Of course its always a little tricky with a new curve, but I would say I'm quite familiar with it now.

P88 (IMO)

+Great for low accurate shots.
+Good when you want to lean in to your stick to press your shot away using the kick.
-Quite short blade
-Not great for going top shelf
-Not great for rising one-timers
-Bad slap shots

P92 (IMO)

+Longer blade
+Better for going top shelf
+Better for rising one-timers and slap shots.
-Not as accurate
-The puck seem to flutter when leaning in to the stick to press the shot away.

In short, which curve fit in on my needs (+).

I've been thinking about the p106?

I'm Swedish by the way, so I don't know all the terms and such, but I hope you understand my post anyway.

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