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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
I was having a discussion on this yesterday, the playmaking has been the weakest part of Montreal's 5 on 4 play. Desharnais is pretty good at setting up forwards on the down low plays (like we've seen with Pacioretty and Cole for example) but doesn't really know how to set up a defense man for a point shot. Both Gomez and Plekanec can do that job but Plekanec is on the point and out of his element and Gomez is hurt. Diaz doesn't know how break down an NHL defense or set up a shot at an NHL level yet and both Weber and Subban are more guys to be set up rather than playmakers themselves.

So the powerplay has a bunch of guys that are good at their roles (Even Darche who people ***** about is perfectly competent at standing in front of the net, he's been part of successful units in the past) who aren't getting put in a position to execute them well because their hasn't been a good primary playmaker.
Exactly.Even gomez, who you mention is hurt, has lost all his creativity. He's become on of the most predictable players in the league. Darche, while useful when used in front of a goalie, screws plays up when he's needed to cycle the puck or do anything more complicated than stand still in the paint. Don't get me wrong, I love me some darche, but on the 4th or 3rd lines where he belongs.

We actually have a ton of guys who can score lots of goals. It wouldn't surprise me for this team to explode (5v5 as well) with the addition of a high level playmaker.
Markov returning (fingers crossed) will do this team a lot of good. There are way too many times I see that cross ice seam open up and nobody is willing/able to make that famous markovian play. Our breakout passing is also very weak, many of the passes hitting the forwards in the skates and slowing everything down.

Sorry, I had a few really stupid errors in the post you quoted. Gonna fix that. Serves me right for posting while working.

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