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Originally Posted by MayDay View Post
He could have gone to the police. That was also within his power, and what he should have done. Especially after he saw that the administration was dropping the ball and failing to take action. And *especially* since he knew that Sandusky had previously been investigated, in 1998, for inappropriately showering with a minor. And in fact that was the reason Sandusky retired from coaching following year. And the reason that Sundusky was told not to bring children on campus anymore.

It's not hard to connect the dots. Paterno took part in the coverup. He helped coverup for his friend, whom he knew, or had reason to believe, was a pedophile and sexual predator. He was content to let it go on, and even for Sandusky to keep his campus office and access, as long as he didn't victimize his kids on campus anymore.

Paterno is not a victim here.

Are you drawing your own conclusions?... Because I sure as hell didn't call Paterno a victim.

What part don't you understand...that he reported the accusations to Campus Police....who have full authority to investigate crimes and arrest people? ... He did what he thought was right...he did not cover it up... he reported it to his superiors and Campus Police.

The fact that Sandusky was a long time friend just compounded the situation.... Would you want to believe horrendous accusations against one of your close friends?

Just because they he Sandusky not to bring kids on Campus anymore does not mean they were trying to cover anything up... Again...these were accusations...not fact. I think it's safe to assume they were trying to protect the University....nothing shady about that.

People are getting too emotional about this.... Paterno did what he was suppose to do... Could he or should he of done more?.. Yes. But when the accusation was brought to his attention.... he relayed the information to the higher ups. Legally he did nothing wrong... in terms of his job...he did nothing wrong. Morally?.. People can have their own opinion on that... but he believes he made a mistake for not doing more in light of all the information that has come out.

He deserves some criticism ....but not the brunt of the storm.

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