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11-10-2011, 09:36 PM
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Cognitive dissonance. What he was "supposed" to? Legally, maybe (again, that may still be in question). Morally, ethically and any other

"facet you can think of? He did NOT do what he was supposed to.

The thing here is.. the other men that were told and did nothing are just as bad, but no one is trying to defend them at all, so the discussion about them goes no where. Why?"

Their is a reason they are in the Administration ... that's their responsibility as per their job titles. Most kept their job as well... and Paterno gets canned? ....

Overall... I'm fine with Paterno losing his job. I'm not fine with everything being thrown at him. I'd defend McQueery too if he was being attacked...but..haven't heard any of that. As far as the Higher Ups in the Administration... they failed at their jobs.... Not the Football coach.

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