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11-10-2011, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by volatile View Post
Who kept their jobs?

Schultz and Curley both stepped down and are being charged (they would have been fired)
Spanier and Paterno were fired.
McQueary still has his job, which is a joke.

They all failed. They are all equally disgusting.

No one is defending the other guys because they aren't held up on a pedestal.

Out of curiosity....

Why do you think McQueary should be fired.... I may not have heard something.

What I know about his story is.......

Mike McQueary was 28 and a graduate assistant when he came upon Sandusky in 2002 ****** a boy in the showers who appeared to be about 10 years old, according to a grand jury report.

McQueary was startled and left without saying anything, although the boy and Sandusky both saw him, the report said. He called his father and on his father's advice, McQueary reported what he saw to the team's head coach, Joe Paterno, the next day.

He was questioned about a week and a half later by top school officials -- athletic director Tim Curley and senior vice president Gary Schultz -- and told them he saw Sandusky having anal sex with a boy, according to the grand jury report. A couple weeks later, McQueary was informed that Sandusky's keys to the locker room were taken from him and The Second Mile was informed of the accusation.

McQueary did not call police, but authorities said that he did what was required of him.

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