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Originally Posted by volatile View Post
They have no "obligation" to fire him, but they should because he did the same thing the rest of them did. Well, the only difference, according to reports, is he told the straight truth without being evasive or vague, whereas the others may not have.

I think he should be fired because, as a coach, he is a mentor and I don't think he's fit to do that based on his actions or lack there of.


Here's another.. interesting.. read.


Sorry, Curley only stepped down. I never did say he was fired though.

I will give you one thing...with McQueary...... He witnessed it with his own two eyes..he had no doubts or reservations.. He should of went to the Police.

As for Paterno .... If it comes out... that he actively played a part in the Administrations failure to investigate or report it.... then he deserves what he gets.

But..... so far... that hasn't been established.

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