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11-10-2011, 09:48 PM
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Just like the league made the two line pass legal to help reduce the effectiveness of the trap it should maybe adjust the icing rule to further reduce the effectiveness of the trap. I am not saying this because it is another teams style but because it does bring the game back to pre-lockout style. The league is starting to generate TV ratings and new fans so why go back to a boring style of play.

If the defensive team isn't pressuring the puck then the offensive team shouldn't be penalized for icing if they try a stretch pass or dump the puck to generate offense.

Icing for the most part is meant to penalize a team for just throwing the puck down ice to avoid pressure but if a team isn't pressuring then why penalize the offensive team for trying to move the game forward. I hate subjective rules that rely on the refs interpretation but i don't think this would be that far along those lines.

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