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11-10-2011, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerz View Post
I think you're a Some of you either assume too much or like to put words in peoples mouth to suit your argument. Please show me where i stated I didn't believe their was a ****? ... I didn't. And you might want to re-read my posts... I'm not defending anyone .. I am merely stating the vast majority of the hate is directed at the wrong person....while fully acknowledging Paterno should have done more. But i forgot... HF Posters lead a perfect life with no mistakes or regrets..

PS: And I'm glad you don't believe there have been ***** at OWS because your best friend told you...
The OWS protests are at the foot of my building. I see it and hear it every day. It annoys me for many reasons. And it's filthy and gross - the park was gorgeous prior.

The mindless drumming is what kills me about the OWS crap. That they directed one of their daily rants at my company is a different story.

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