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10-30-2003, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by neelynugs
yah- sounds like the habs are headed to the cup
i hope that 2 points they got tonight screws them out of a better draft pick. joe juneau? :moon: pretty sad when your first goal isn't even put in by a real shot

the b's played like a bunch of buffoons tonight. zinovjev, axelsson, boynton and potvin were the best players all night. wally is right though- potvin got us a point tonight, and the team didn't deserve it. in a way, i'm happy we lost in the OT, b/c if we won, i'm not sure sully would've kicked as much arse as he will now.
Your sour grapes sound like what I heard after the 2002 playoffs.

The winning goal was scored by a checking center against the Bruins first line.

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