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11-15-2005, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by jamiebez
I am stunned that people are finding such fault with this team.

We are only 15 games into the season. It is way too early to be making any kind of moves that would upset the chemistry that has been so successful thus far. Besides that, the Sens have only lost 2 games, at least one of which they could have won (Carolina). They have played absolutely exceptional hockey at every juncture, in a variety of styles, against the best opponents in the conference. How people are honestly able to find a fault with this team right now that would necessitate a major trade absolutely baffles me.

Dwelling on past failures (like this thread has degenerated into) is what turns a fanbase into a culture of losers. I know it sounds weird, but I honestly believe that teams develop "personalities". For years, this team's personality was "a bunch of Euro-softies who are great in the regular season, but easy to beat in the playoffs". Can anyone honestly say this is how they feel about this team right now? If the playoffs started today, would we not be overwhelming favorites to at least win the East, if not the Cup? And let there are some posters here willing to blow up the team because Antoine Vermette had a bad playoff in the AHL last year. This is exactly how losers talk. I know it's only November and we haven't won anything yet, but let's all stop acting like we've been bounced in the first round by the Leafs in 4 straight already.

Making unnecessary moves to "catch up" with imaginary superiors like the Flyers, Leafs, Tampa, etc is absolutely the wrong course of action right now. Why? Because eventually all the tinkering stops working. You upset the chemistry (which Murray takes into account more than most coaches, certinly more than Jacques ever did), you upset the momentum, and eventually you make a wrong move. No one's perfect. What if Weight doesn't work out with Havlat and Scheafer? What if he gets another concussion? What if St. Louis asks for Vermette, Kaigodorov and a 1st rounder? What if this move cripples our cap space this year and we have to let Chara and Redden on the open market in the summer instead of signing them to extensions on Jan 1?

Let's just enjoy the fact that the team is doing so well right now and worry about Weight or whoever when the needs of the team going into the playoffs can be more adequately assessed, like after they actually lose a few games, or injuries strike, or whatever. There is no reason to panic and do anything rash.

If we get knocked out in the playoffs, so be it, but right now we're winning. Act like it.

Rant over.

What if...what if...what if...Well, that's a risk you take in winning a Stanley Cup. You can't be afraid to make a move that WILL make your team better. The consensus around here is that a trade shouldn't occur at the moment, so while we are winning now, nobody is suggesting that Weight be acquired at a moments notice because we need him now. Maybe in the future.
Weight wouldn't be my first choice, I haven't hidden that fact, but I'm not against us getting him for sure. While Bondra was a failure, Weight does have a big advantage over Bondra. Bondra had only played his whole career with one organization, while Ottawa would be Doug Weight's 4th organization. The chances of him fitting in well are better, as he would be a little more aquainted with playing in a new role. It had to be a huge adjustment for Bondra. I think we would be underestimating this area in some sort of trade.
We'd be kidding ourselves if we think the team now on the ice will be the exact same when the playoffs start. Injuries may have impact in deciding that, but I think Muckler will make a move. He's done so both trade deadlines. Over the course of the season, even if we are playing well, we'll have certain shortfalls that him and Murray will see better then any of us. If many of us can notice that we need another top notch centerman, don't think that our management team/coaching staff don't either!!

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