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Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
Gary Bettman is quoted on

"The notion of a trap goes back decades, probably to the '60s," he said. "The normal, the predictable, the traditional trap of a 1-2-2 is something we've lived with for years and even in the '90s and recently, teams that have won the Cup have done it playing some trapping. It's a tactic. OK, so Tampa, Guy Boucher uses a 1-3-1, a little bit different, and so Philadelphia decided that they were not going to attack the defense, but the defense wasn't going to attack the offense. They did it in Tampa's building, the fans reacted.

"Did I like it? No. Is it the most horrible thing I've ever seen on the ice? No. But I do think it has now added another agenda item to the general managers (meetings) next week. The officials whistled down play when there was no puck movement and it was appropriate. Do we need to eliminate the trap? You know, there are a lot of people who love the game the way it is who say no. If you're playing smart, tactical hockey, that's your prerogative and it's incumbent on the other team to figure out how to deal with it. By the same token, if this became too prevalent and too much of the game and too regular, then I think we'd have to deal with it, and we will."
There were a lot of people who loved the game the way is was before it was turned into a penalty fest where divers are rewarded constantly. A lot of people liked when defensemen were actually allowed to defend. A lot of people liked it when goalies were allowed to play the puck. A lot of people liked it when you could lift a players stick without it being called hooking. A lot of people liked not having the dumb ass instigator rule. Since when does this piece of garbage give a **** about not changing the game because a lot of people like it the way it is?

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