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Originally Posted by Jussi Trollinen View Post
I feel terrible for Joe Paterno. I know the scandal is terrible and everything and not trying to belittle it, but he was cleared of any wrong doing and at 85 probably would have called it a career pretty quick anyway.

Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, much the same way it did a few years back when FSU did the same thing to Bobby Bowden.
Originally Posted by Anton Dubinchuk View Post
I'm with you on this one... I think that he needs to be removed immediately, but it's still the kind of thing where you have to feel bad for the guy. He's clearly remorseful, and realizes that he made a huge mistake, and it sucks that that's what's likely going to define him going forward.
Originally Posted by Jussi Trollinen View Post
Any shred of respect I had for the PSU administration was ripped clean out of me this morning when I found out that Joe Paterno was fired.... over the phone. While I admit he probably should've been removed, despite his admission of guilt, I lost my s***. For **** sake, dude lives a 5 minute walk from the university. Grow a pair and fire him to his face. Dude's been your head coach since 1966, and on your coaching staff since 1949. He may be at fault, but he's at least earned the right to be let go face to face, and not get fired over the phone. Oh, and btw, while you're talking to him about "the university going in a new direction" don't forget to point out that the WR coach (aka the guy who told him in the first place about the abuse but didn't do s***), is still on the staff.
At first, I wanted to let all of the facts to come out in this case. Now, apparently, they have and Paterno looks like a Catholic bishop who ignores or tucks away knowledge of one of his priests molesting kids.

I have no idea how one can feel "sorry" for Paterno or feel like he has been disrespected on any level. Any idea of morality, dignity, or respect got lost a long time ago when he decided not to follow up on any of the claims that his friend and asst. coach was systematically abusing kids. Kids. Say it again if it helps.

Paterno, while possibly remorseful, is about the 167th person in line who may be felt sorry for. What he did/didnt do was heinous and completely lacked any understanding of law or morality. Either he is just that thick, or didn't care enough to do anything.

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