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11-11-2011, 10:09 AM
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Usually on a change-up, team will dump "bench side" and send a forward on the "far board" to prevent a quick up. If you send 1 man forechecking, he's gonna get beaten by a pass for sure. That's the new way to do it. In the past, F1 stayed on the ice and applied pressure...which didn't make sense because he was alone vs 5 opponents...or 3 opponents (2 Ds and 1 F came back in their zone while the 2 other Fs stayed high in NZ due to change-up...).

Also, the dump can become an "offensive weapon" if used correctly. Better send it behind their Ds than losing it around the blue lines while entering the O-Zone and giving an easy turnover to your opponents. Chip the puck into a "grey area" and win the race to it.

Anyone here played on D? Then you know that playing against a team that dumps and chases is "annoying" and gets you tired due to all the puck recovery you need to do.

Even Scotty Bowman while coaching the Detroit Red Wings used the dump/chase (now called "chip in" by the way). And they were a puck possession team.

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