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10-30-2003, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Malone
Nice to get that win. A big cheer and a sigh of relief when Juneau scored.

But we really outplayed them tonight, (and the last half of Tuesday's game). I think Hainsey should play regularly, and I'm surprised MacCarthy was such a wuss.

Hopefully the scoring jinx is past, and some momentum carries over to the next game vs the Rags.
All it took to win, was a no shot

Potvin played amazing, although the habs didn't play all that well at certain moments, played a hell of a lot better then against Philly. I know this team won't be like last year, cause Gainey won't let them be lazy, but so far, it sure is looking like it.

The habs have a lot of chances they miss, but one thing I never understand, why is it that Ryder, Audette and Perrault are all on the puck at once, I don't get it, 4-5 times if Audette or Ryder or ... are waiting near the net, they get the rebound, but they seem to hudle to get the puck, not sure why, are they that weak, they need each other to get it or something?

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