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11-11-2011, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Kritikal View Post
Ovechkin also shoots more than just about every single player in the NHL. The year he scored 65, he shot the puck (on net, not counting missed shots) 446 times--that's ~5.5 shots per game.

In comparison, the two years Gaborik scored 42 goals (07-08, 09-10), he took 270-280 SOG (~3.5 shots per game). With Gaborik being the primary shooter on his line (considering Duby/Richards/Cally all like to shoot and are all on a separate line), he could easily pot 50 (currently shooting at ~4.4 shots per game (~360 per season), on pace for 52-53 goals if he plays all 82 games).

If Gaborik keeps doing what he's doing, there's no reason for him not to score 50 this season. As long as he stays at or above his career average shooting percentage and keeps up his current pace of taking shots (shots per game are sustainable, shooting percentage should as well considering he's 100% healthy and his line has good chemistry).
Excellent analysis. Very cool.

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