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11-11-2011, 12:52 PM
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I said I'm going to stay silent on this and just read, both here (our discussion among "internet freinds") and in the mainstream sources (Pennlive, others) as this story unfolds.

Until we know more, my views remain in posts #36, (#79) & #134.

I will speak up, though, to correct a couple misconceptions.

(Jim Bob,) Sandusky would have been in his late '50s in 2002, not late '60s. Though I'm sure that correction in no way changes your contention re: McQueary's lack of physical intervention in 2002. (which I resoundingly agree with)

flyingpig and perhaps others, I believe we do not know for certain McQueary and Paterno fully "met their legal obligation" by (simply) notifying their superiors. I have not seen an article / discussion which focused directly or exclusively on what the obligations PSU Employees had in 2002 re: direct witnessing (McQueary) or receiving a report of (Paterno) a sex crime. I find it hard to believe both the Commonwealth and PSU (40,000 student body, with probably several thousand faculty and support staff) lacked either laws or rules requiring direct reporting to Law Enforcement (or "anonymous" whistle-blower reporting to PSU Ombudsman or Law Enforcement hotline if fear of retribution / cover-up). Not detracting from the tragedy and victims, nor the cover-up, but the law here is relevant, IMO. I have grave doubts Penna. law was followed by either (ignoring the moral discussion - others have covered that).

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