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11-11-2011, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by puckish66 View Post
This just in... Terry's money is tied to a program where kids were victimized. He is a major player in that football program, as various reporting has pointed out. His right hand man was finance chair of Sandusky's organization and still sits on the board.

Terry needed to be out front with his comments, and his comments needed to be smarter, more forceful and more compassionate. He's paying a price now for being late.
Paying a price to who? Bucky and Harrington?

I havent seen too many people agreeing with them so far alhough I am not really following it, as I personally dont think it much of a story?

I don't know if his statement or initial silence has been raised or questioned outside of WNY.

If he were ever tied to the scandal directly, I would feel differently. I sure hope that never occurs.

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