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11-11-2011, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by flyingpig View Post
I may be wrong, but everything I have read seems to indicate that they met their obligation by reporting their knoweldge to superiors. I do not think there is a reporting "law" in most states. I recall a case I studied in law school in which 6 people in NYC witnessed a murder from their apartment window and none called 911. The issue was whether they had an obligation to do so and legally they did not. Morally, they failed.
There are lots of mandatory reporting laws when it comes to sexual abuse of minors, especially in education. I don't know the laws of PA, but some career teachers I know have said they don't think the actions of the Penn State staff would have met NYS laws on the subject.

In short, as it was told to me : An educator can't just punt something to their boss and leave it alone in a matter like this.

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