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11-11-2011, 01:47 PM
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remember that it is the bottom hand controls whether the puck goes in the air or stays on the ice. this is true on shots and passes, and of course clears. the top hand may open the blade and helps with the propulsion of the puck, but the bottom hand is actually transfering most of the energy to the stick and the puck and also doing the lifting off the ice.

in short, your wrists and hands should scoop the puck, but right after the bottom hand has to throw it into the air.

to see this in action, try do send the puck into the air using only the top hand. you can't. the stick is too long and too heavy. even if you somehow attach the stick in the middle through a fulcrum (like a bottom hand) you'll still struggle to send it more than a few inches off the ice with just the top hand, no matter how much open the blade or how hard you pull.

now grab the stick with just your bottom hand and try to flip the puck up into the air. you'll find that you can practice this rather quickly by scooping and throwing the puck. the stick is still long and uncomfortable, but feels much lighter. your hand is that much closer to the blade, which gives you more control. and the range of motion of your bottom hand is greater than your top hand. in fact the only thing your top hand is better at is dexterity, since most commonly it's your dominant hand.

good luck.

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