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11-11-2011, 02:47 PM
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NYR Boyler87- I don't really agree with your comments on Richards.

I think he is exactly what, at least I, expected him to be. And thats not a player that can carry the load by himself. He has never been that in his career. Like we, NYR, have probably played Richards in Tampa 30 times -- can anyone ever once remember a game were Richards was like a worry for us? I cannot. He isn't that type of player. He can't pull a Eric Staal and put his team on his back even at times.

But what he is, is; i) a elite top end player. Give him the puck in the attacking zone and he will make things happend. No doubt. If you let him into your end, you never shut him down completly (and thats something thats done to a offense pretty often in the league today, having someone like BR is very important). ii) He is a elite PPQB. One of the better in the league. He will make our PP alot better.

I wanted no part of Richards if he were going to get top money. I said it all summer. Because we would not get a top player. Not even someone who comes just after the absolute best (someone like Getzlaf overall is just so much better than Richards).

But at the same time, you get a hockey player who is darn valuble to have on a team. For the reasons (i) and ii)) mentioned above. There is also a good chance that BR really will mesh with Cally and co and put up good numbers, like he did in Dallas after finding a perfect spot for him between Neal and Eriksson.

In the end we ended up paying Richards a little little less then top dollars (I think below 6.5 would be more OK), but its no biggie.

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