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11-11-2011, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
You're acting as if what happened in 2002 was the first time this was brought to Paterno's attention. It wasn't. By then Paterno knew what Sandusky was. You also don't seem to grasp the power and influence that Paterno had on that campus.

Sandusky retired in 1999 after the investigations in 1998. But was allowed to negotiate the terms of his retirement. Who do you think supported Sandusky?Paterno. How else could a someone thats accused of inapproriate sexual conduct with young boys be in a position to negotiate his retirement? A settlement that included Sandusky having access to the campus facilities for use with his camps for troubled youth.

Are you actually naive enough to think that something like this could be worked out between Sandusky and Penn State without Paterno's involvement, let alone knowledge of it? The same Paterno who in 2004 when asked to resign by the Board of trustees said no and keeps his job. Since the Board is too afraid to fire him and he knows it. His stature at the school makes his statement that he did what he could by passing it "up" the chain laughable.

In 1999 when Sandusky retires, Paterno knows full well what he is accused of and why he has to retire. But even knowing what Sandusky is doesn't stop Paterno and the school from signing off on a retirement agreement with a known sexual abuser of children to host camps for troubled kids on Penn State grounds. By the time 2002 rolls around and McQueary reports what he saw to Paterno. The lame excuse you've trotted out, of not wanting to believe your buddy is like that, doesn't hold any water. He already knew Sandusky was like that.

Paterno knew from at least 1998 on that Sandusky had sexually abused young boys. Paterno was also the most powerful figure on Penn State's campus.
Paterno did nothing to stop the abuse or help the boys involved. He just passed the buck and washed his hands of the incident.

You're really going to keep spouting off that this incredibly powerful figure couldn't stop what was going on? A guy who essentially had no one above him at the school. You're not being rational, you're being delusional.

Paterno didn't make a bad choice. He made several bad judgments and ended up an enabler for a child molester and rapist.

I'm actually interested in what happened in '98 .... It says "alleged" sexual misconduct.... What happened with the case?... Dropped? .. Settled? Did it ever go to trial? ...

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