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11-11-2011, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by howitzermoose View Post
That would be my main criticism as well. He just has to slow it down a bit. I love that he plays with intensity and he's got that drive to compete and win, but at times it does more harm then good. He over handles the puck at times, and he'll twist and turn, stop and start. All looks nice, but it accomplishes very little and he ends up turning the puck over or is checked. I'm sure with experience and coaching he'll smooth these things out.

Now that he's getting more spotlight nationally, people will pick his game apart more and more. Nothing new, pretty standard for a kid who's in the spotlight 2 years before his draft year. But I hope everyone keeps in mind, that he JUST turned 16 lol.
This is exactly why 16 year olds dont make World Junior teams.

People dont realize that things like the Super Series, the Prospects Game and off summers really help young players get to the next level

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