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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Thats kind of where I am with it.

Pommer has been great as another option for faceoffs as well as helping with the defensive responsibilities. But he hasn't been the full time center (its a roughly 50/50) and if he is moved there full time it changes the dynamic of his role. It may not effect him at all and that line may keep chugging along. But why mess with what is working.

I also think Adam contributes more to that line than many give him credit for. He has been a good support player. He is very good at getting his shot off (particularly in traffic), gets the puck to the net consistantly, goes to the net hard and he is very good at using his stick to create turnovers. Adam is tied with Pommer for the team lead in takeaways (9). With those two taking the puck away like that its created a ton of chances for Vanek and the results speak for themselves.
Poms is still not the deep man on the defensive rotation most of the time. He's taking faceoffs mostly on the right side and given how Adam has struggled so far, the puck possession piece of it is awesome. The three of them are very good at jumping passing lanes and just generally being in the most disruptive spot they can be on the ice in the opposition's zone, lots of 2-on-1 supported action as they work quickly on the puck-carrier.

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