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10-30-2003, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Corey
The Bruins couldn't win after '72 with Esposito, Orr, Bucyk, Hodge, and all the rest. The Habs upset them in '71 when the Bruins set a points record and a goal scoring record and the Habs came in 4th in the conference. The did it with a rookie (Dryden) who didn't come from Quebec and Ferguson and the Mahovlich brothers who obviously didn't. Maurice Richard retired in 1960 and Beliveau and Ferguson in 1971. They won 5 Cups after that in the 1970s in no large part because they had a coach named Scotty Bowman. Your older friends are snowing you with a myth about the Quebec players because they can't accept reality.

To clinch the point, the Habs won in '86 and '93 playing by the same rules as the Bruins. Where are the Bruins pennants in the Fleet Enema Center?
LaFleur was an indirect product of this sham. They acquired his rights for players they had as far back as the late 50's, early 60's when this charade were going on. Hey, I wish it was the Broons- the Red Sox have a similar advantage these days, how else could they get a guy like Martinez for two minor leaguers at the time. Don't get so uptight- be happy about it. In life you use your advantages- if the Sox won this year I'd have been ecstatic but honestly, they have revenues far greater than 90% of the teams and can just go out and sign guys like Ramirez and Damon and Mueller, Millar, and Ortiz. The Habs had an advantage that didn't end with the 72 Bruins or 74 Flyers.

Sure, there were many players on the Habs that were not part of this charade just like the Yankees had many players they brought up thru the farm system like Williams, Jeter, and Posada. But the Yankees used the advantages they had just like the Habs. All I'm saying is the Cups are tainted- they still won them; I wish the Broons had the rights to everyone named Wayne or Mark. Instead of getting ticked be happy they had this opportunity others didn't.

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