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11-12-2011, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
But to be declared healthy, you have to be checked out and approved by the team physician. I'm pretty sure it's not as clear-cut and easy as "declaring him healthy".
And there is no reason for McLaren not to consent. Last I checked, when a player is sent on a conditioning stint, he gets paid as if he were playing for the big-club. So he gets money and much needed play-time.
It clearly says "may" "with his consent" "be loaned". That means they don't have to be sent down. In fact, it is usually the team hiding a healthy player that the NHL is worried about. The language is there for a reason. I emphasize the word "may" because it indicates that he doesn't have to. If you follow the logic then a player can deny the conditioning loan and return directly to the team. If he can return to the team without a conditioning loan then he can be waived without a conditioning loan.

I'd wager that an injured player on LTIR or otherwise does not need to be sent down on a conditioning stint before returning to the NHL and playing or being waived.

None of this means I know that they are not planning on waiving him afterwards and are just buying time or that they may want to show that he's healthy before trying to make a trade. Or any number of reasonings behind it.

I'm sure KDB or someone will let us know one way or another what the definitive answer is.


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