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11-12-2011, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
How is he more physical? Last season, Girardi had more hits than Staal and he had more blocked shots.. Girardi also seems to be pretty fine defensively. I think Girardi just makes Staal look better and also just because he's one of the Staals is one reason why people like him more.
I don't think you understand. I wasn't saying that his game is "more physical," I was saying that he's a physical beast. He's 6' 4", has a longer reach, and I would argue he's just plain stronger than Girardi. All of this allows him to lock down elite level guys more effectively than Girardi. Like I said, I love Girardi, he's playing great, but Staal's just better. Even now, you see Girardi making the odd defensive mistake (weak clear, mental error, etc) at a higher frequency than Staal was last year. I'm not saying Staal's perfect, but he is the superior defensive player. It's not a put down to Girardi to note that Staal is in the elite of the elite level defensively. I don't think there's anyone better than Staal defensively in the game right now.

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