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11-12-2011, 03:16 AM
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I'll start off with a little overview of what I see as real advantages and not just evidence that judgments vary at the AAA level:

- Polupanov over Roach: Roach had one good season in the pre-merger NHL. Anatoli Firsov is considered by most of us to be a top-100 player, and for four years, Polupanov was reasonably close to him offensively, both at the domestic level and internationally.

- Brown over Osborne: I really do like Osborne as a 1st line glue guy, but it appears Brown does everything he does, only better. He even has equally impressive percentage scores despite being a pre-expansion player.

- Prospal over Daze: Yeah, Daze's a good goal scorer, but Prospal put up the same adjusted points per game and has done so in over 50% as many years, right into his late 30s.

- Clement over Hannan: Hannan was pretty good at what he did. But Clement was much better offensively (39% higher adjusted ESPPG) and on the PK (was used 17% more often for PKs that were more successful)

- DeBlois over Beaudro: I don't know what to make of Beaudro, and that's the problem. It looks like he was good defensively, but we know DeBlois was, plus he was a physical, defermined player and a leader. Beaudro's stats in relation to his teammates makes it appear he was inept defensively, while DeBlois was the all-time leading ES scorer when I selected him.

- Horeck over McDonald: I think these two are about even offensively when you look at their percentage scores and account for era. But I question whether McDonald is really a 4th line type of guy. Horeck was built for 4th line duty!

- Bowman over Henderson: I like Henderson a lot and would have selected him if I could have. Both guys' claims to fame is that they earned some token all-star recognition in a couple of seasons. Bowman just received more (12 voting points as opposed to three)

- Hardy over MacIver: This one is the biggest one of all. Hardy lasted nearly 1000 games and played 22.7 minutes a game. MacIver, 20.7 for 500 games. It's only 19.5 per game if you take out his year as the default #1 for the 2nd worst team of all-time. He was a #5 guy at even strength and a PP specialist. Hardy was a #1 for half of the 1980s. MacIver had 285 points in 500 games; Hardy had 275 in 516 at one point, and played 400 more on top of that as a defensive veteran presence.

- Collins over Casey: Casey had two very good seasons and was mostly an average starter aside from that. Collins is not easy to compare or extrapolate how impressive his achievements are in modern terms, but he was considered the best goalie in Canada after Paton retired. I am confident that that's better than being approximately the 15th-best goalie of Casey's generation.

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