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11-12-2011, 11:19 AM
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Apparently big McLirath was roughing it up last night which is a good sign. He also scored a goal. So many of these kids get concussions so early now; that hit that Ryan Murphy (Carolina 2011 1st rounder) took that was shown on MSG 150 was disgusting.

As for Eric Staal; Maurice is protecting his franchise player and his team, I take no validity or stock in his quotes but he's just doing his job. As Torts said on that Behind The Bench show, a coach has to stick up and protect his team.

On Marc, it's fine they shut him down for a month but the thing I don't like is that he was working with that Buffalo Medical Firm that worked with Lombardi and Kaletta that insists on NOT shutting down, and then this guy up in Boston says the opposite. Two opposing views. IMO they should have shut him down in September until Thanksgiving.

Hopefully the extra time off helped him and he can be back by February or early March at latest.

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