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Originally Posted by bp spec View Post
But doesn't different curves have different benefits?

P92 great for puck handling
P02 slap shots

Some are great for covering the puck, som are for passing

Ok, you can't automatically do those things better, but it's easier I think
I would say some curves are definitely better or worse when it comes to backhands (less curve and less loft = better for backhands), but for pretty much everything else it's all personal preference and depends on your specific technique. The guy with the best snapper on my team uses an Iginla curve (short, closed mid curve), which I personally can't stand, but it works great for him. No way to know if you like a curve until you try it.

With that being said, Sakic clones like the P92 are the most popular curves on the market for a reason, because they work for a lot of people. Sounds like the P92 works decently for you except for your shot fluttering, but that's not really a curve issue, more of a technique issue. To fix this you want to make sure you're that really shooting from the curve's sweet spot (mid blade on a mid curve, mid-heel on a heel curve), snapping/rolling your wrists on the follow through, using the flex of the shaft for power, and that you're not opening up your blade while shooting.

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