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11-12-2011, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by nukethewhales View Post

Any suggestions?
I think the "panic" you describe will subside the more you play and your confidence/patience is raised higher.

Decisions must be made in split seconds and this is the dilemma every player faces, making the easiest and most solid decision.

If there is no pass then get moving the puck out yourself. Even just dump the puck out if there isn't an option and you're under pressure.

The main skill I practice for hours a week is stickhandling, passing, shooting, with my HEAD UP. I've been experiencing lately the head (mind eyesight sense) will be separated from the body. Meaning the body does the work while your head is watching the game like a movie. I float around staring down the ice. Stare at lettering on the boards far away. Turn your head behind you, back and forth, all while not looking at the puck. The more you can keep your head up, the more fun the game gets IMO.

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