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11-12-2011, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Gone View Post
You cannot build a house on a bad foundation. And that is what the team has. No matter how you spin it. It will come back to the team not be prepared and not being able to adjust in the end. They play lazy poor fundamental hockey. And it’s been like this for years now.

"no legitimate points"

Accountability should start on day one. Not season four.

BB has some of the top talent in the league and the PP still sucks.

The team comes out flat for big games all the time.

It took three seasons for BB to make the forwards back check.

How many games seven have we lost at home now?

It’s not hard to keep going if you need me to.
The PP is top 5 in the league - not a legitimate point

You're admitting BB is holding players accountable - not a legitimate point

What big giames have they come out flat for this season? - not a legitimate point

You're admitting the forwards backcheck - not a legitimate point

2 game 7s lost at home, which has nothing to do with the current team or season - not a legitimate point

Again, I question as to whether you've actually watched the team this season.. You're going back to the same old criticisms from the doom crew, and still haven't brought forth a legitimate point for this season.

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