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11-12-2011, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
No he is not. If you say this, you didn't see Oleg play.

I'd love to have Oleg Petrov back (I mean when he was here, not Oleg now)...

Little waterbug...

The guy forgets that Oleg had wheels, was defensively, quite good, and taught himself how to shoot.

If I am correct, the habs had an agreement with him a few years ago, to teach some young guns about acceleration.

DD doesnt play like Oleg...

I think DD is like Corey Locke (but a BETTER version) undersized, not full of skill, but so tenacious that it works for him (DD I mean). He doesnt have a natural passing ability, like Ribeiro had... And does not have a developed shot, like Oleg did.

His success is purely based on willpower and hard work. In short, Tenacity.

I'm willing to go further with DD... He hasnt played a full year in the NHL, and I for one, believe that he CAN be better than most are projecting him to be.

People talk about how we gave away Grabovski (hated that punk)... DD can be better than Grabo... Grabo is faster, but DD is more of a team player, and better vision. Grabo NEEDED those years developing in Toronto...

As far as the Gomez DD conversation though... People are saying that Gomez is better, because he plays better d... If we get in a 1-0 hole... Lately it's a death sentence when Gomez is playing, cause there goes 20 minuts of a game, which is held completely pointless.

DD at least has the ability to retaliate and even the score.

DD has a contract > $1 million...

Well, we all know Gomez'...

Gauthier, IMO I HOPE is looking to deal away Scott... I'll take the slight dip for now, and potential to improve on later (like the trade deadline) and give DD his chances...

Because Scott's 7.5 costs this team more than DD's game in comparison to Scotts.

Gomez simply is not worth it. Im not saying send him down to the AHL... But fin him a new home, FAST!

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