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Originally Posted by Antaris View Post
Got me

Eastion s17 helmet
CCM u+07 elbowpads, shinpads and shoulder pad (package deal, well worth it though, fits me a like a glove)
Bauer one80 pants, was going to buy the one60, but they were out of stock so they offered me the one80 for the same price as the one60, a rather fair deal i'd say
Picked up a pair of reebok 11k gloves last week, holy crap they are cooooooooomfeh and mobile, a rather huge jump from the old easton s5's i had before.
and last but not least, Reebok 9k skates.
11k gloves! nice
9K's are awesome (well for my feet at least)
your protective gear? I wouldn't rock just cause its too heavy lol... but I do know those U+ elbowpads and shoulder pads are well designed, they are pretty light and fit super low profile... I love that about the CCM shoulder pads, though I don't own a pair lol

I am going to pick up another pair of pants, and get rid of my tacks which are too heavy. I'm thinking either the CCM V08 (which are suprisingly light) or even lighter: Warrior Bently or Graf GS500

last night, we played and nobody showed up to our 1 1/2hr ice.. one side had one sub, our side had none and this was on full international ice
man I'm glad I had my One15 elbow pads, my tackla's and my Sherwood 5030 shin pads... and even then, by the end of the game I was just GASSEd
the tank was completely empty
5 goals tho

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