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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
While I do feel that DD is slightly overrated as of late, I still take him and his salary 100 times out of 100 compared to Gomez and what Gomez brings. It isn't even close.

But that being said, no DD is not a full time top 6 NHL centerman. He's too small, he can't skate very well, can't win faceoffs, and he gets manhandled consistently. He has his strengths (mostly hard work, drive, and decent hockey IQ) but aside from being a PP specialist I don't think he has much else he can bring to the table (barring some big improvements to his game, which could happen).

As it is they have the 2 biggest and most physical wingers playing with him, which kinda sucks because it's not like Montreal is over flowing with big physical wingers...Would be nice to spread the 2 we have around instead of having both play on the same line to make up for a lack of physicality at C.
But I guess the debate then goes to, what are the expectations of a second liner...

IMO if he had none of those flaws you are speaking of, he'd be a top line center...
A second line center I have usually envisioned as being one with MORE flaws than the first, but with an offensive edge.

His defensive coverage, while shoddy, should be given to the 1st and 3rd liners... DD is being used as a second line center if he is playing inferior competition and counted on for PP time. Why? Because that will equate to 15-20 minutes a game. i.e. approx. second line minutes...

IMO the numbering system on the lines is being read in to a bit much...

Top 2 lines means they are offensively minded... It doesnt necessarily mean they play the most minutes... Anybody still around from the cursed Juneau years would remember that one lol... The guy used to LEAD the team in TOI...

Top 2 lines, highly offensive minded lines...
Bottom 2, grinder/energy lines...

It also doesnt mean it MUST be this way... IMO the habs are built to be more fluid... More 2 way responsible...

But it cant be up for debate that Scott Gomez is more competent at playing 2nd line c than DD is... Because up to now, it's been proven quite the opposite. DD is doing a decent job, esp. having Eller, Pleks, and Nokes being the other to offshoot him with.

EKLUND's conversation, while being unlikely is valid. I can see the habs survive without Gomez, AND perhaps even prosper.

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