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11-12-2011, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
You are making way too much out of that game. Teams come out flat, it happens. You seem to conveniently be forgetting that the team fought back from 3-2 in that series by winning in OT in Pitt. I think that emotional high took too much out of them, Ovy missed a breakaway in gm 7, Varlamov let in a few softies, and that was it.

Not sure how that is Boudreau's fault. In fact, there are other places that you can blame Boudreau for the Caps playoff failures (Montreal, Tampa series are for more glaring to me than the Pens one).

I remember the Redskins coming out as flat as can be in Super Bowl 18 against the Raiders. Skins were the best team all year, by far (and came within 2 "1pt losses" of a perfect regular season), and were coached by for my money the best coach of all time--- St Joe Gibbs-- and they got blown out. In a Super Bowl.

It happens. Let the game 7 Pens loss go.....if you want to be frustrated, look no farther than the Montreal series...that was a coaching nightmare, IMO.
Agreed completely and with txpd's statement regarding the Caps actually getting to a Game 7 with that defense should be considered an acheivement in and of itself.

Nothing that happens the rest of the year will likely change anyone's opinion unless it's a complete implosion. Those on the fence might run out of patience. On the other side of the coin, I don't think there's anything can happen that will sway their opinion. Anything positive will be discarded until they do it in April and later (impossible) and anything negative will be latched onto as a sign of impending and inevitable doom.

Is it springtime yet?

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