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11-15-2005, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by bland
What a game by Vokoun! I'll never understand why some think that a goalie has to make circus saves in order to get some recognition, but he was stone cold solid in the pipes tonight.

The Kings specialty teams failed them tonight, especially the PP which has let us down all year.

NMK, for a moderator you sure have an incredibly slanted view of a game - the officiating was in no way tilted towards the Kings' tonight. I stopped counting the blatant tackles in front of Vokoun in the second, but there were quite a few questionable calls for both squads at both ends of the rink. It's Fraser, the guy simply can't control a game. Ever see a blowout when Fraser refs? Me either. The guys lives to make controversial calls within the last five minutes of a close game.

I'll pose this question not as a means of trolling, but I'd merely like to hear some of your honest opinions concerning your teams "embelishments". I truly enjoy watching Pred's hockey on Center Ice as much as possible, you clearly have one of the most exciting teams in the league.

However, in this game tonight, and the games a few weeks back against Anaheim and San Jose (two teams that I was squarely pulling for the Preds to beat), it's disgusting how many flops, head jerks, flailings and flat out embarrasments some members of your squad pull. Are any of you Pred fans noticing this, 'cause as a hockey fan, your team has far too much talent to resort to these tatics. Specifically I'll call out Erat and Hartnell, and only slightly less so for Kariya and Legwand.
Embellishments, Erat does it all the time, and it is infuriating. Erat also is prone to taking stick fouls. Hartnell does it to a lesser extent, but I think a lot of power guys do because they are slighted doubly due to their power game. Still, most of the calls he draws are legit, even if he does crank it up on occasion. Kariya - meh, its hard to tell since he is a little waterbug and goes down routinely whether he is trying to draw a penalty or not. Other than Legwand's play tonight, I have never really seen him dive or overtly embelish. I wish I could watch a replay, but other than him grabbing the stick, it still looked like miller flicked Legwand's stick out while trying to wrench Legwands arm off.....that looked like a misfortune penalty more than anything for Miller not a dive (as the Kings announcers kept trying to claim repeatedly.)

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