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Originally Posted by nukethewhales View Post
Question for offensive D, or offense in general:

How do you avoid tunnel vision and develop better peripheral vision?

I've noticed that when I make my first outlet pass, I focus only on my target. I can't see other options, nor do I consider them once I've made the decision, I can just see the one open forward. This would be fine, except that there are often times when I don't see the opposing forward about to drift into my passing lane. I snap the pass, and it results in a turnover. How do I avoid that?

The same goes when the puck (rarely) comes to me at the point. I often panic and throw a weak wrister at the net, thinking I have no time or other options. But when it comes, I get tunnel vision on the net and just shoot it, even if there's a player open on the half boards.

Any suggestions?
Practice stickhandling with your head up at home, once you're on the rink if you use your far sight focused on the yellow on the bottom of the boards. Also practice skating backwards while stick handling, if your regrouping, it's much easier to see all your options. If you don't see anyone open, look to you're partner for a D to D or just chip the puck off the glass torwards were you were inticipating the play, a lucky bounce will happen every now and then with this play.

From the point, just work on slap passing. They're way more effective than wristers. Winding up no higher than your waist gives you much more accuracy and with a good one, it will have more zip than a wrister and its much easier for your forwards to track for a tip in. Keep the shots low by never aiming above the knee pads.

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